Henrik R. Scheel
Portræt af Henrik Scheel

About Henrik Scheel

Spjeldager Consult ApS is a one man company: Henrik Scheel.

  • Need a sharp eye on a bug?
  • Have some code you need altered?
  • Experience communication trouble that keeps recurring?
  • Want to automate tasks?
  • Could use a second opinion on a desgin proposal?
  • Need a guide or manual understandable by non-techies?
  • Or just need a programmer?

I can code solutions for either of Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, iOS and Android.

I always maintain open, honest and direct communication channels with stakeholders and team members.

I have been a freelance software deveoper since 2012, working for multiple clients. Before that I have extensive experience from prior full time employments, at IBM, Siemens Windpower, and others. My core skill is development of high availability; high performance software, on platforms ranging from embedded devices to high-load cloud servers. Sometimes on large projects, with a team of architects, developers and testers; at other times solo-assignments taking full responsibility for arkitechture, development, test, userguide, deployment and maintenance.

I assume it is obvious from this website, that graphical design is not a core competence :-)